Erik Kramer on Big Sports Radio & the Sports Spectacular with Larry Smith

By: Mike
December 17, 2023

Former NFL quarterback Erik Kramer left a lasting legacy on the field; a 10-year career highlighted by being the only QB to lead the Detroit Lions to a playoff victory since they last won a league championship in 1957.

But he will forever be known for something far greater; miraculously surviving a 2016 suicide attempt and his efforts now to help others avoid the dark places he fell into.  Kramer has a new book called 'The Ultimate Comeback- Surviving A Suicide Attempt, Conquering Depression, and Living with a Purpose'.

IlliniGuys/Big Sports Radio/Sports Spectacular co-host Larry Smith sat down and talked with Kramer about what led to that tragic night, the details of his comeback, and his plans for reaching out to others suffering from depression.

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