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Last Modified:  August 12, 2022

Big Sports Radio at is a website (“the Site”) owned and operated by LMBC Sports, LLC (“the Site Owner” or “we”) that provides multi-media and interactive contents and services. Any use or registration of any part or service of the Site shall constitute express acceptance by any such user or registrant (“you” or “user”) of the Site’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Website Disclaimer and Intellectual Property Policy (“the Site Terms”) and our information and data collection practices in connection with your use of the Site including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. We are guided by our strong belief that your information belongs to you and that the information you choose to provide to us is to be handled and treated with appropriate levels of confidentiality and respect.
  2. Accordingly, we categorize and analyze the types of information you choose to provide to us and try to limit the information we seek, collect and retain from you in good faith to the information that we need to provide our contents and services to you.
  3. As a general principle, we will not share your information with a third party unless you give us permission, consent or waiver or we are legally obligated to do so under reasonable confidentiality.
  4. Generally speaking, the information we seek, collect or retain is directed to setting up your service (including any subscription, promotion or contest), providing contents and services that you request or register or subscribe to receive, generating aggregate reporting and analytics, testing new or modified services or features of our site, communicating with you about our contents and services, ensuring the integrity, safety and security of our Site contents and services, monitoring activities on the Site that may not comply with the Site terms or applicable law or regulation and setting up and maintaining payment-based membership or subscription with third-party banks, credit card companies or payment processors.
  5. We collect information from you when you register or subscribe to access or use our Site’s contents and services. Such information includes your name, online handle or user-name, address, email address, mobile phone number, credit card information, your preferences and demographic information.
  6. We also collect information from you when you voluntarily submit, upload, comment, post, state, express or indicate your preferences on our Site such as the contents of your submission, uploading, comment, post, statement, expression or indication of preferences and the circumstances of such contents.
  7. We also collect information from you when you send us emails or communicate with us using other methods.
  8. In addition to the information that we collect from you from your voluntary activities on the Site, we may also collect information from you through the use of “cookies” and other tracking technologies on our Site.
  9. We currently do not sell to or share with third parties your personal information automatically collected through cookies and other online tracking devices that specifically identifies or discloses your identity or contact information. We may use this information to ensure satisfactory delivery of our contents and services to you including any personalized contents or advertising.
  10. We may collect information about your activities on the Site including your preferences, your indication of “liking” other users’ activities, your reception of “likes” from other users and other activities on the Site. We use this information to provide customized or requested services and contents to you.
  11. We may receive a request for some or all of your information we have collected on the Site from a governmental entity, law enforcement agency, a court or a litigant pursuant to a subpoena or the equivalent. We will comply with such a request and give you notice of our intention unless law or regulation prohibits us from doing so.
  12. We may also use your contact information in conjunction with contact or customer relationship management service vendors to provide email or text message communication services to you and other users of the Site.
  13. When you choose to participate in a third-party sponsored promotion, contest or drawing, we may disclose your name and contact information to the third-party sponsor and, if required under law and regulation, a government entity such as taxing authority.
  14. You may opt out of any or all of the different ways in which we collect and use your information for our Site by sending us an email to with a subject line that contains “PRIVACY POLICY.”
  15. You can also contact us by sending a trackable written communication to the following address:

LBMC Sports, Inc.
Privacy Policy Manager
1 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1350
Chicago, IL 60602

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